Having multiple color powers allows you to combine them to produce a wider range of colors. If you lack the necessary color powers, you won't be seeing the desired results.

The color powers are Blue, Green, Red and Light.

You can mix multiple colors:

  • (smile#gb) red and green makes the smiley a cyan color.

You can have different amounts of each color:

  • (smile#rrg) 2 parts red and 1 part green makes an orange color.

You can make the color lighter or darker:

  • (smile#b+++) blue with 3 light makes a light blue.
  • (smile#b---) blue with 3 dark makes a dark blue.

Alternatively, you can use hex color codes:

  • (smile#800080) for purple.

Setting a preferred color

If you want to bind a certain color to your smilies, use the /o command.

For example, to produce red smilies type /or on the chat.