Staff xath.hu

Flag ID/Username Country Role
Gosia(20) Poland Administrator
marzyciel(23) Poland Administrator
BOSS(26) Portugal Administrator
TRA(42) United States Founder
ider(89) Dominican Republic Administrator
ABRIL(10) Argentina Administrator
iOne(55) El Salvador Administrator
  • They are not xath staff; they volunteer their time to help xath.
  • xath volunteers and some other groups have the Verified pawn added to their accounts. You will see the word 'Verified' when hovering over their pawns. Click here for more information regarding the Verified pawn.
  • xath volunteers will not ask for your personal information on other websites like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Never give your password to any volunteer or xath staff, even if you are sure they are real.
  • If you notice any user who claims he/she is a volunteer and they are not on this page please report them to us immediately. To do so click here.

Support Tickets

  • The following users have the power to answer tickets on the xath support ticket system.
    • Please NOTE that it is considered bad etiquette to ask a xath volunteer to reply to your ticket.
      Please understand that xath receives a countless amount of support tickets on a daily basis. Patience and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated!
Flag ID/Username Country Role
ider(89) Dominican Republic Volunteer
TRA(42) United States Volunteer
paula81120(30) France Volunteer
cott22061969(25) Poland Volunteer

How to become a Volunteer

  • There is no step-by-step guide to becoming a volunteer.
  • You must have the qualifications xath staff is looking for (which is up to an administrator to decide). Currently it is invite only; we are not accepting applications.