codeban.png (Codeban) - Code Ban LIMITED

The Codeban power allows you to ban visitors in your chat and have them play a "code" game to get unbanned.

The objective of the codeban power is for the visitor to play the code game using their mouse to select the correct sequence by strategically decrypting out a code that consists of smilies.

How to use codeban

Click on the user you wish to ban and click ban, then click codeban.

You will only see the codeban option if you have the power.

You can also use it in Rapid Power, to codeban with rapid power use the following


This will codeban the user you rapid for 6 hours. You may change this to any number you want.

Spectator Mode

This mode allows you to see other users playing a "code" game when they are codebanned.

To use this mode, you need to assign the power to your group. When a user is codebanned, a brown square (with a codeban smiley) will appear in front of his name. If you click on it, an application will open on the left of the page, which will allow you to view his game.


When you are codebanned you will see a background. To change it/remove it press on "B" key.