matchban.png (Matchban) - Match ban LIMITED

The Matchban power allows you to ban visitors in your chat and have them play a "matching" game to get unbanned.

The game requires you to match three or more smilies in a row (must be connecting horizontally and/or vertically). Controls use mouse where you click and drag the smilies.

To win you must get a high enough score to get the rocket ship on the right up to a certain number of meters (depending on the ban time). This will slowly drop over time so keep matching!

How to use Matchban

Click on the user you wish to ban and click ban, then click matchban.

You will only see the matchban option if you have the power

You can also use it in Rapid Power, to matchban with rapid power use the following


This will matchban the user you rapid for 6 hours. You may change this to any number you want.

Spectator Mode

This mode allows you to see how other users play a "matching" game when they are matchbanned.

To use this mode, you need to assign the power in your group. When a user is matchbanned will appear a brown square(with a yellow smilie) in front of his name. If you click on it will appear an application(left) and you will see his game.

High Score table

This table allows you to see all the scores from each user who plays "match" in your group

To use this table you have to go to your group click "edit" (button at the down right of the page) make a new tab page ex: page2 or page3 etc. and add this code into the page: $$matchban,2,1,99,7$$ , then click "save changes".

2 = 2 hour competition .

1 = minimum score to look for.

99 = max score to look for (makes the page faster if not set too high)

7 = number of days back to look (max 30)

Example: High scores for 15 hour match bans on my group.



When you are matchbanned you will see a background. To change it/remove it press on "B" key.