redcard.png (Redcard) - Red card LIMITED

The epic Redcard power allows you to give a user a red card. When a user is red carded, and they talk on the main chat, they will be banned for 6 times (by default) the amount of time of their original Redcard ban.

To Redcard a user, click "Ban" and you will see a new option labeled "Redcard" (see example 1.) Once you Redcard a user, they will get a Redcard added to their pawn (see example 2.)

For example, if you Redcard a user for an hour and they send a message in the main chat after only 5 minutes have passed, they will be banned for 5.6 hours (see example 3.) If they wait until the hour is up, they will not be banned for sending a message.

Note: sending a private chat/private message will not trigger the Redcard.

(example 1) Redcard listed under "Ban".
(example 2) The process of a person being red carded and a red card appearing on their pawn.
(example 3) Redcard violation.