spaceban.png (Spaceban) - Space ban LIMITED

The Spaceban power allows you to ban visitors in your chat and have them play a "space" game to get unbanned.

The objective of the spaceban power is for the visitor to play the space game using their keyboard (up, down, right, left arrows and space) and control the rocket to shoot the moons.

How to use Spaceban

Click on the user you wish to ban and click ban, then click Spaceban.

You will only see the Spaceban option if you have the power.

Only Moderators, Owners or Main Owners can use the Spaceban option if they have the power (Spaceban).

Spaceban has been added into the rapid power

You can now use it in Rapid power. To Spaceban with rapid power use the following:


This will spaceban the user you rapid for 40 hours.

Spectator Mode

This mode allows you to see how other users play the space game when they are spacebanned.

To use this mode, you need to assign the power in your group. When a user is spacebanned, a brown square(with a moon) will appear in front of his name. If you click on it, an application (on the left side) will appear and you will see his game.

High Score table

This table allows you to see all the scores from each user who plays "space" in your group

To use this table you have to go to your group, click "Edit" (button at the down right of the page), make a new tab page (ex: page2 or page3 etc.), add this code into the page: "$$spaceban,2,1,99,7$$" and then click "Save changes".

  • 2 = 2 hour competition .
  • 1 = Minimum score to look for.
  • 99 = Max score to look for (makes the page faster if not set too high)
  • 7 = Number of days back to look (max 30)

Example: High scores for 15 hour space bans on my group.

  • $$spaceban,15,1,99,20$$


When you are spacebanned you will see a background. To change it or remove it, press on "B" key.

Banned by Spaceban?

The amount of moons you are required to shoot to unban yourself depends on how long you were spacebanned for.

  • Banned for 1 hour = You will have to shoot 2 moons (3 ammo) to unban yourself.
  • Banned for 20 hours = You will have to shoot 27 moons (48 ammo) to unban yourself.
  • Banned for 46 hours = You will have to shoot 63 moons (97 ammo) to unban yourself.
  • Banned for 100 hours = You will have to shoot 131 moons (134 ammo) to unban yourself.

If you get banned by spaceban, your spaceban time will DECREASE overtime just like normal ban works.

For example, if you were banned for 20 hours and came back in 10 hours, you would only need to play about 10 hours worth of spaceban time.